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Rößler AUSTRIA is a small family-run company based in Kufstein. Since 1996, we have been producing high-quality hunting rifles that can only be "Made in AUSTRIA".
For many years now, our TITAN® series has been popular and much sought after by hunters all over Europe. The TITAN® models impress with their precision, simple and intuitive handling, their solid workmanship and elegant design. In short, they are weapons you can count on, yet which are also flexible and have their own personality. This is because our hunting rifles can be customized and assembled to each shooter's exacting requirements.
We are passionate about creating high-quality hunting rifles, of which we have assembled over 30,000 so far. Hence, we have made it our mission to unite traditional workmanship with the latest technologies. This was already a priority for our company founder, Erich Rößler. We foster young talents in the promising modular field of metalworking, while at the same time employing traditional gunsmiths: A perfect combination of tradition and innovation.

Mission Statement


Building on practical experience and utilizing the latest scientific developments. All major mechanical parts of our weapons are manufactured and installed by us in-house. For this purpose, we train our own apprentices in the fields of metalworking and in the traditional profession of gunsmithing. Only by doing so can hunting rifles of the highest level be created — for clients who expect only the best, which is precisely what we deliver.


Guns are highly sensitive commodities. They need to be able to function reliably in all situations: 100%, and not a single iota less. The same applies for our customer service. By utilizing the latest production technology and keeping our staff abreast of the latest industry developments through further education courses, we ensure a high degree of satisfaction — both among our ranks and with customers. 


A near miss is still a miss. This is why we ensure that we are always fully on target. The suitability of a weapon for a hunt is determined primarily by its accuracy. Because we communicate with our customers actively on a regular basis, we constantly receive new stimuli on how to further improve our weapons. This enables us to improve the quality of our rifles and ensure that our customers are always right on target.

Materials used | Services


Our stocks are made of European nut wood of the highest quality. Our Italian suppliers are family-run businesses with decades of experience in the manufacturing of stocks. The wood is carefully selected and left to mature for several years. Only when it has reached the optimal moisture level is it professionally crafted into a Rößler AUSTRIA stock.


We procure our metals (steel and aluminum) exclusively from suppliers whom we trust and have long-standing relationships with. Our main steel components are made of tempered steel. The aluminum used is exclusively high-strength aluminum, which is also used in the aerospace industry. All the metal components we produce undergo extensive finishing procedures from our experts to ensure that they meet our exacting standards.


We obtain our barrels from established German companies, which are known worldwide for the quality and accuracy of their products. Our barrels, which are hammered or drawn without cutting, are manufactured from special rifle steel. The secret of the high quality and unparalleled precision of the barrels lies in the combination of the latest technologies, traditional knowledge and exact manufacturing processes.


Our plastic stocks are manufactured by a German plastics engineering operation that is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. The special plastic used is composed of 30 % fiberglass, which makes our stocks shatterproof and extremely rigid. This is of particular importance to our customers, because a stiffer stock results in a more precise weapon.


The final assembly of our weapons is performed by highly-trained gunsmiths with years of professional experience. We have a robust cross-checking system in place for complete quality control: Mr. Rößler personally performs the final inspection of each weapon after it is assembled and given a first inspection by our craftsmen. Our products only leave our premises if Mr. Rößler has tested and confirmed the perfect functioning and condition of the weapon.

Work Philosophy

Why settle for good when you can have better? We are continually optimizing our work processes, our techniques, and our know-how in order to improve our products. We pay great attention to detail without losing sight of the big picture. We are open to suggestions and constantly challenging ourselves to do better. The team discusses working methods and processes weekly.


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