Standard Range and Options

Butt Stock You are able to select from four different material-form-combinations.

Standard Range and Options

Butt Stock

You are able to select from four
different material-form-combinations.


The sliding safety catch is locaded comfortably
at the stock wrist and can be operated almost silently.


The receiver is made of carbonitrided steel.

Interchangeable Barrel

The technology connecting the barrel with the receiver makes
it possible to change the barrel quickly and simply.


Your TITAN 16® comes
with a shot gun trigger.

Magazine Insert

The preassure mechanism of the magazine inserts makes
loading and unloading of your rifle easy and comfortable for you.

Stock Forend

Depending on the model you chose the stock has eighter
a straight comb or a schnabel tip made of precious wood. The chequering of the stock adds a
perfect grip to every situation.


The barrel is made of speciality rifle-barrel steel. The carbonitrided
surface refinement makes it very resistant against rust and
gives your rifle an eleganl look

Barrel Variations

You are able to select your barrel from nunerous
varieties concerning caliber, barrel-lenght and barrel diameter.

Caliber and Barrel

Barrel and breech lock always form a unit in the
TITAN 16®. Please check the magazine group tables to see whether the magazine has to be exchanged.


Our groundbreaking modular system enables you to find your very individual dream
weapon among thousands of possible combinations.
To make your decision a bit easier we developed a Configurator,
which simply lets you "click together" the system of your choice.


Barrel Special rifle-barrel steel, barrel length: Standard-Caliber 560 mm, Magnum-Caliber 610mm
Interchangeable barrel This firearm is designed for interchangeable barrels.
TITAN 16® straight pull
.243Win. | 6,5x55Se | 6,5x57 | 6,5x65RWS | 7mm-08Rem. | 7x57 | .308Win. | .358Win. | 25-06Rem. | .270Win. | 7x64 | .30-06Spring. | 6,5x47Lapua | 6,5-284Norma | 9,3x62 | 8,5x63Reb | 7mmRem.Mag. | .300Win.Mag. | .375Ruger | .270WSM | .300WSM; | .338Win.Mag.
Stock Walnut or polymer, recoil absorbing rubber butt plate, checkering on the pistol grip and fore-end, sling swivel.
TITAN 16® straight pull:
Symetrically arranged 16-lug bolt, locks directly in the barrel
Set trigger Short, dry trigger; adjustable trigger travel and trigger weight; direct acting trigger travel distance, set to 0.3 – 0.4 mm trigger path.
Safety catch Ergonomically shaped 3-position safety catch on the grip; triple action with tab and bolt knob on the trigger, sear and bolt.
Magazine Removable stack magazine for 2-shots with magnum calibers and 3 shots with standard calibers; extended magazine +2 shots at extra charge.
Sights Side-adjustable rear sight; height adjustable front sight.
Telescopic sight assembly Assembly with tapped holes 6-48 UNS prepared on receiver; assembly parts are special accessories (at extra charge).
TITAN 16® straight pull: ca. 3,1kg